SRC holds health screening

PUC SRC has held a health screening as part of its Akwaaba week celebration on Wednesday, 10th October 2018.

The SRC did this in collaboration with West Africa AIDS Foundation .

The screening turned out to be a success as  lot of students and some lecturers passed by to be checked.

The screening covered tests on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and blood pressure.

Students underwent counselling on HIV/AIDS and how they could prevent themselves from contracting it from those who already have the disease.

Students were given some condoms to use as protection when having sex.

And were advised to tell their partners to be tested, if they haven’t tested and didn’t know their status.

In all, the whole event turned out well and the number of students who did the screening was encouraging.


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Brenda Osei Karikari(Press Secretary),


Mavis Yeboah(Deputy Press Secretary),


“Be a difference maker” — Dean tells student leaders


                                                          Dean advising Student Leaders

THE Dean of Students for Pentecost University College, Rev Paul Danso has implored all student leaders to be up and working in order to change the status quo.

He said this at a seminar he organised for all SRC executives, course reps, club and association heads last Friday on campus.

“Leadership demands sacrifice, if you are not ready to sacrifice don’t venture leadership”, the Dean stated.


Addressing them, the Dean encouraged that they do better than their predecessors so as to improve the leadership standards from then on.


He also added that leaders ought to adhere to the rules and treat others fairly in the discharge of their duties.


Dean of Students, Rev. Paul Danso

Published by the office of the SRC Press Secretary

Brenda Osei Karikari (Press Secretary)


Mavis Yeboah (Deputy Press Secretary)


PUC’s SRC commends Rector

Executives presenting citation to Apostle Dr Daniel Walker


Executives of the Pentecost University College SRC have congratulated the Rector, Apostle Dr Daniel Walker on his election to the Executive Council of the Church of Pentecost.

The Executives, led by the SRC President, Mr Alswel Annan, presented a citation to him last Friday in the serenity of his office.

The rector was very thrilled by the gesture and thanked them immensely for the thoughtful act.

He also seized the opportunity to advise the executives to be diligent in their work and to uphold good morals to serve as role models to the other students.

The occasion saw in attendance key members of the SRC like the Vice President, Financial Controller, Women’s Commissioner among others.

Apostle Walker also disclosed that sooner or later he will make known his long-term plans for the school as it’s being captured in the Chancellor’s plans for the school too.

Published by the office of the SRC Press Secretary

Brenda Osei Karikari (Press Secretary)


Mavis Yeboah (Deputy Press Secretary)


Veep(left) and Pres (right) at the Rector’s office

 PUC to launch Akwaaba week


ON Thursday, the 27th of September, Pentecost University College is expected to come alive with the launch of the Akwaaba Week Celebration.

The day will see an array of activities which will bring exhilaration among all participating and spectating students.

It will begin at 10am with an inter tertiary sports competition dubbed The Sporty Rage.

PUC’s SRC intends to use this avenue to foster solidarity among the participating schools.

The competition will see the presence of other selected institutions such as Kaff University, Methodist University, Ghana Technology University, Regent University and Islamic University.

The sporting disciplines for the competition includes basketball, snooker, video games, chess, Ludo among others.

The winners will be awarded with medals and a trophy for emerging as the best sports men and women of the day.

It will be climaxed by the launch of the week celebration at the basketball court of the school.

The day is one of the most anticipated days of the semester for both freshers and continuing students of the school.

Published by the office of the SRC Press Secretary

Brenda Osei Karikari (Press Secretary)


Mavis Yeboah (Deputy Press Secretary)


SRC, freshers hold cleanup exercise


THE Student Representative Council (SRC) has held a cleanup exercise this morning with the current level 100 batch of students.

Despite the chilly weather, the level 100 residents of the traditional halls came out in their numbers to clean every nook and cranny of the school.

This exercise was done with the freshers to instill a sense of cleanliness in them.

“We did this with them so that we can bond with them and also make them understand that they must keep the surroundings clean during their stay on campus”, Mr Alswel Annan, the SRC President said.

The cleanup was done to climax their week of orientation into the school.

Published by the office of the SRC Press Secretary

Brenda Osei Karikari (Press Secretary)


Mavis Yeboah (Deputy Press Secretary)




THE Student Representative Council(SRC) Entertainment Committee (Entercom)  has postponed the very much anticipated Coastal Kraze Beach Rave.

In a news release yesterday,   the committee disclosed that the trip that was meant to help students have some form of relaxation and recreation had been adjourned until further notice.

Information gathered  by Campus Vibe is that a particular class has an IA set for that stipulated date and that among other minor factors necessitated the move by Entercom.

The committee however has assured the entire student body that it is committed to ensure that the current administration rendered them the best in  entertainment .

The new date for the Coastal Kraze would however be communicated during the Akwaaba Launch and all students are advised to look forward keenly to all events planned by the committee.


Published  by the office of the SRC Press Secretary

Brenda Osei Karikari(Press Secretary)


Mavis Yeboah(Deputy Press Secretary)





THE Student Representative Council (SRC) of Pentecost University College has held an open forum to discuss key issues affecting the weekend school.

The forum was held last Friday at the JM auditorium of the school.

The school’s first ever open forum involving the weekend school and management saw students raise a lot of concerns ranging from management issues to SRC issues.

Some students bemoaned the state of the school’s facilities emphasizing that the fees paid did not match the quality of facility.

They added that attention should be given to the school’s infrastructure and learning materials.

Some students present at the function spoke on the increase in fees urging management to consider a reduction.

All in all, it was a fruitful forum as many students present aired their views on issues confronting them.

Speaking at the poorly attended forum, Dr Daniel Nkrumah asked that another of such a forum be organized and that the turn up be more encouraging both on the student and management side.

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